Almiriki Rooms & Apartments are located in the seaside area of Lithi village on the western part of Chios, 23km away from the capital, Chora, and the main port of the island.
Lithi is situated on a scenic hillside overlooking the village's graphic beach bay. 
Lithi is one of the twenty-four Mastichochoria, the villages where mastic is produced; its neighboring villages include medieval Vessa and Elata further down south. 
In closer proximity, the painted village of Pyrgi is home to the Xista, meaning carved, black and white geometrical motifs and shapes that decorate the houses' facades, and the picturesque stone village of Mesta. Armolia, home of the island's traditional ceramics, is on the way to the unique beach of Mavra Volia, created by a volcanic eruption a long time ago.

Almiriki has a seven-seater minivan to cater to our Guests' transfers to and from the port and airport of Chios, with additional charge. The vehicle is also available for hire for private tours and transfers.
Almiriki Rooms & Apartments
Almiriki Rooms & Apartments
Lithi Beach, Chios, 82102, Greece
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