The island of Chios is a place of great history and natural beauty. 
One of the must-do activities while on the island is a Mastichochoria visit to the nearby medieval villages of Vessa and Pyrgi and that of Olympus, famous for its vertical cave. 
Chios, and especially its western part, is home to many beautiful beaches. Trahili Beach is located just opposite Lithi, underneath a hillside with an old tower. There are over 30 watchtowers on hills like that around the island, all carefully located to communicate with one another in order to protect the island from pirate raids in the past.
Moving up north from Almiriki, one will stumble upon the abandoned village of Anavatos, camouflaged in the mountain stones from which it was built.

For a splendid sunset, one should certainly visit the village of Avgonima. Further up north, towards the top of the island, the scenery becomes even more picturesque. 
Back to the heart of the island, you may enjoy a visit to Kampos, where fields of citrus trees and fruits grow, including the island's infamous mandarin, which was traded for fortunes in historic times. 
The Genoese and the rest of Chios' aristocracy once built their mansions in Kampos. Many estates are still preserved in pristine condition today, awaiting visitors to stroll around their fragrant gardens.

In terms of sightseeing, the Mastic Museum of Chios is a must-see, as is a visit to Nea Moni Monastery. Its infamous mosaics and the great church of Constantine the Gladiator will leave anyone mesmerized. The Holy Fathers Monastery on the mountain of Provata is worth a day visit as well. 
Full-day cruise tours around Chios are available so that you can discover the island's secluded beaches. Water sports are also available at the beaches of Karfa and Komi. 
Chios also has many hiking paths, many of which are marked on the global map of hiking. 
At Chora, the island capital, you may visit the Castle and its Old Town, the Ottoman baths, and the Byzantine Museum. Local products and souvenirs are available for purchase in various locations throughout town.
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